Top 7 Best Gas Stove in India (2020) – 2, 3, 4 Burner Gas Stove

Indian lifestyle has undergone a tremendous change but cooking your daily meal remains a routine life in most Indian families. This makes gas stove the most essential and indomitable appliance in any Indian kitchen.

Like any other kitchen appliance, the gas stove too has undergone changes and has upgraded itself to suit both modern lifestyle and kitchen aesthetics. The options in style, design, and functions have become countless enough to leave any average buyer confused.

That is why, through this article, we help you become aware of some basic points to consider while choosing the best gas stove in India for your kitchen. We also run down through some top-selling gas stoves in the Indian market for your consideration.

Top 7 Best Gas Stove in India (2020)

1. Prestige Marvel Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

The modern-day homemaker is a busy individual having several responsibilities apart from managing the kitchen. The Prestige Marvel Glass 4-burner gas stove proves to be the perfect ally for her. This stove is a compact one that can fit any kitchen countertop. Four aesthetically placed burners help the homemaker to prepare a fast meal, especially as time is a precious commodity today. The Tri-Pin burners are perfect for Indian vessels because the holes ensure optimum distribution of flames to ensure uniform cooking.

The spill-proof design of the burners increases efficiency because it becomes easy to clean the glass top. The sturdy pan supports provide durability and stability to your kitchen utensils that can come in odd shapes. The toughened glass is not only durable but also enhances the appearance of your kitchen. The ergonomically designed knobs are easy on your fingers while controlling the flames perfectly. The Prestige Marvel gas burner is a marvel in the real sense of the word. It is the best gas stove in India.

2. Lifelong Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

The second product from our list is from Lifelong brand which is a 3-year-old company that creates kitchen equipment that stands out in the market. It is one of the best gas stove brands in India that comes under 5,000. This 4 burner gas stove will help you cook multiple dishes easily at-a-time with less effort. This tabletop gas stove is made of toughened and break-resistant glass which provides your kitchen with an elegant look and premium feel. The lifelong gas stove incorporates ergonomically designed nylon control knobs with heat resistant covers to prevent against damaging and other heat issues. You can also connect the gas pipe from the backside to the stove for smooth and easy operation. As it has a heat resistant, it can support high temperatures on a day-to-day basis. Further, you can easily clean the gas hob, control knobs, and sides using a wet cloth to deter food particles, stains, oil, and rust formation.

Burners are made of aluminum, brass materials and are surrounded by thick pan support for gripping the kitchen hobs or other appliances to provide even heat distribution. Featuring anti-skid feet design minimizes the slippage of utensils while tossing, pressure cooking, or others that occur while cooking. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on the product. And if you don’t find the product to be defective then replace it with a new one within the specified time.

3. Bosch Gas Hob PNH6B6B10I

Bosch Gas Hob should be your ideal companion in your kitchen as you set out to prepare delicacies for your family. Apart from being a utility appliance, the Bosch Gas Hob is an attractive one. It enhances the overall ambiance of your kitchen manifold. The tempered glass gas hob is a sophisticated design, but easy to clean at any time. This gas hob comes equipped with four high-quality burners to ensure that you cook food for the entire family in one go. Each of the burners come with individual steel pan supports for secure handling. The integrated controls make it easy to operate the gas hob. It is an extremely safe appliance to have in your kitchen.

The built-in energy input ensures optimum usage of gas, thereby saving precious fuel. The flame failure safety feature makes it one of the safest gas hobs in the market. This gas hob is an ideal one to use for LPG. The unit comes with a high-quality connecting cable to ensure there are no gas leakages. Overall, this Bosch Gas Hob is your ultimate ally in your kitchen.

4. Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

If you are seeking premium features at a budgeted price, then your quest might end with this model from the Italian brand Elica. The gas stove is manufactured in India by the Italian brand Elica in a joint venture, giving you the best of the Indian and European standards. An ideal choice for modern modular kitchens, its stylish black glass top, beautiful design, premium finish, and rust-resistant texture blends and complements any modern chimney hobs or kitchen countertops to perfection. The European gas valves stand as a testimony of superior technology. Its one medium-sized and two small-sized brass burners are amply spaced for easy use of all burners at one go. The stainless-steel spill plate beneath the glass top; Euro coated grid for enhanced support to vessels while cooking; ergonomically-designed knobs and other features ensure smooth operation with an even flame for an exceptional cooking experience.

The users are of the opinion that the flame is even and well within control with the smooth knob. Being a glass top, cleaning is also quite easy. However, the stainless steel drip plate is fixed, which is a drawback. You can resolve the issue by purchasing additional drip trays from the manufacturer’s authorized center. The safety and durability of the product are well proven by its ISI certification. The two years manufacturer’s warranty is an added delight. On the flip side, you can get greedy and yearn for auto-ignition mode. All in all, the brilliant mix of top-class features and competitive pricing of less than Rs. 4k makes this gas stove a perfect choice for those wanting style, top features, and decent pricing.

5. Butterfly Smart Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Butterfly Smart 3 burner gas stove features a highly durable premium finish toughened glass top that adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. 3 highly efficient brass burners (1 medium size and 2 large sizes) allow you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously and quickly while consuming lesser LPG. Burners are manual ignition type so you need a lighter or matchstick to ignite the burners. Powder-coated pan stands to increase the durability of the gas stove. The spill-proof burner stands are designed to reduce all your worries about vessels toppling over.

360-degree revolving nozzle lets you place the cylinder on any side as per your convenience. Ergonomically designed knobs offer a better grip for easily adjusting the flame of the burners. The compact design of the stove saves you a lot of counter space. The best thing about this 3 burner gas stove is it is very easy to clean and maintain on a regular basis.

6. Sunflame GT Pride 2 Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame GT Pride 2 burner gas stove is just perfect to cook different types of dishes with high-quality build and quality finish. It has two highly efficient brass burners measuring 85mm x 85mm. They consume less LPG and are very durable to withstand heavy-duty use. You may cook vegetables, try the latest recipe, curries, rice, chapattis, and a lot of dishes with this gas stove.

It features a stainless steel base with a brushed matte finish at the bottom and toughened glass. It is built to last for a lifetime, even with constant use. It has Euro-coated pan supports on the burner to keep the color from chipping off and stainless steel drip trays and deal with high temperatures on a regular basis. It has a break and heat resistant toughened glass and scratch-proof surface makes it easy to maintain and clean

7. Amazon Brand – Solimo 2 Burner Gas Stove

Amazon Solimo gas stove got two different size brass burners to cook help you cook two different types of dishes at the same time for your small family. These burners also got the triple pin on top of them to help your burner provide an equal amount of heat on the pan every single surface, and this way, you save time because you will be able to cook a meal in less time. This gas stove got 6mm thick hardened glass top, so now you be able to cook on it comfortably without worrying about your safety every two seconds because the dense glass layering is going to make this gas stove heat- resistant.

The brass burners of this gas stove also got a drip tray inside them to protect your kitchen slab from spillage while you are cooking on a gas stove. With the help of its ergonomic design, you can set the temperature to the dish that you are preparing according to its desired need. Overall, Solimo made this gas stove for your kitchen to look more elegant for you to enjoy cooking. With the help of its 360-degree moving nozzle, you can move your gas stove around easily on the kitchen slab without bending the gas pipe. Solimo is one of the Best two-burners gas stoves in India.