The Anhoek School
54 Dupont Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

The Mutinous Classroom:
Outlaws with Books

The Anhoek School
Experimental Graduate-Level Education for Women
Temporary Campus

Instructor: Mary Walling Blackburn
Dates: April 8, 15, 22, 29 & May 6 (Wednesdays)
Time: 18:00 to 21:00

Now if students truly mutiny, how does the remaining scholastic community navigate a captain-less search for meaning? Do they remain scholars; are they home-schoolers; outlaws with books? Questions posed: Is education destined to always be the form of force? Will it require an initial violence to generate and maintain a non-hierarchical classroom? What is the border between teacher and student-and should we immortalize the boundary, tear it apart, or traverse it constantly?

Be prepared to discuss cult cinema classic "Children of the Corn" in relationship to North American maroon colonies and American slave revolts and the force of forms that rise to reverse the form of force. Additionally, be ready to read Chris Kraus's raucous and sometimes lonesome investigation of structures of power ('The Art World', Bataille Boys, Capital), to discuss the contemporary resurrection of Rodchenko's Worker Clubs, and the spectral remains of Black Mountain School and Antioch. Ideally, these materials will lead us towards the visualization of another temporary academy; one replete with an array of marginal pedagogies; and to determine how 'bad conduct' (another phrase for mutiny) is a necessary scholastic "ill."


Ranciere: The Ignorant Schoolmaster (PDF available online)
Chris Kraus: I Love Dick
Foucault: Excerpts from Discipline and Punishment (PDF)
Adrienne Kennedy: Ohio State Murders, A Lesson in Dead Language (PDF)
Genovese on Maroon Colonies (PDF)
Margeurite Duras: Summer Rain
Interviews with Fernand Delignay and Jean Oury (PDF)
Dalton: Peasant Folk Tales (PDF)
Bowen: Dicken's Refuge for Fallen Women (online)


The ABC'c for Sex Education of Trainables (1978)
The Children Must Learn: Educating the Children of Appalachia (1940)
Excerpt from "The Mystery of Kaspar Hauser" (1975)
Excerpts from Delignay's film "Le Moindre Gest" (1971)

Class 1: The Pathology of Learning: Criminal Mentors and Dangerous Students
Class 2: The Irreverent Cannon: Established Readings on "Bucking the System"
Class 3: Children of the Corn: Revolt and Education
Class 4: Homeschooling: Fireplace Lessons
Class 5: Visionary Institutions